New Oxford American Dictionary, Third Edition

Complete dictionary of "The New Oxford American Dictionary", is the best dictionary available today. Way to describe the living language, easily understood, interesting to read. However, dictionary of "The New Oxford American Dictionary" remains different from other traditional dictionaries in terms of chronological describing words, meanings and phrases.

This dictionary is suitable for those who want to learn English from basic level to a higher level. With a very comprehensive coverage of the vocabulary. More than 350,000 words and phrases and sense. With this third edition, “The New Oxford American Dictionary”, add some new words from the ecological sciences, computer, technology and other branches of sciences.

The New Oxford American Dictionary, third edition, was fit to be a handbook for anyone who wants to learn English, both at home and abroad (native and foreign). Has become a common trend that, oxford English dictionary is a world reference in this study the English language.

So is a wise choice, if the dictionary "New Oxford American Dictionary, third edition" is a handle you.

Title : New Oxford American Dictionary

Edition : The third edition

Edited : Angus Stevenson and Christine A. Lindberg

Content: Over 350.000 words, phrases, and senses

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